3 Healthy Valentine’s Gifts For Your Partner

What are some healthy Valentine’s gifts for your partner?

  1. I Fresh Multicare Toothpaste
  2. Beyonde Omeg 3 Plus
  3. Beyonde Life Sential

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Are you looking for last-minute presents for your partner? Instead of the usual bouquet of red roses and chocolates, why not surprise them with unique and healthy Valentine’s gifts? At Unilever Life PH, we’ve got just the right selections to help you out.

While red roses have been a timeless symbol of love and affection, healthy gifts in the form of health supplements as well as vitamins and minerals are much more meaningful. Not only will your partner feel that you truly care for them — they’ll also be grateful for receiving meaningful presents that show you really care about their well-being. Check them out!

I Fresh Multicare Toothpaste

I Fresh Multicare Toothpaste Travelling Set

Starting off this list is an unconventional but altogether essential gift — the I Fresh Multicare Toothpaste. No other gift will make your partner smile than an unconventional, but refreshing set of apple mint tea flavored toothpaste.

The I Fresh features a Japanese-patennted technology that helps teeth enamel healthy and prevent the buildup of plaque due to bacteria. Each dollop contains Aquanized Ion which provides all-around teeth cleaning and fresh breath to the user. It’s refreshing, non-abrasive, and cool — there’s no toothpaste product in the market like it!

The I Fresh toothpaste is available in a 5-pc travelling set — perfect for fresh breath and sparkly teeth anytime, anywhere. 

Beyonde Omeg 3 Plus

Omega 3 Plus

Do you know the best partner for a healthy romance? A healthy gift selection, of course. With the Beyonde Omeg 3 Plus dietary supplement, both you and your partner can spend your Valentine’s by giving your bodies all the nutrients they need.

The Omeg 3 Plus is a natural fish oil supplement that contains Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Omega 6. All of these are essential nutrients that help lower the risk for heart diseases and maintain low blood pressure.

More than just that the Omeg 3 Plus also helps in having smoother and more youthful-looking skin. The Vitamin E content provides ample protection against ultraviolet radiation and free radicals that speed up the aging process. 

Beyonde Life Sential

Life Sential

As the name suggests, Beyonde Life Sential contains almost all of the essential vitamins needed by the human body to live and grow healthily. Contained in this dietary supplement are more than 50 kinds of vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals. 

The Life Sential also comes in a complete gift pack that contains Multivitamins Plus Minerals, Chlorella Plus Shiitake, and S-O-D Plus Coenzyme Q10. The multivitamins set helps you reach your daily recommended consumption of vitamins A, C, E, B2, B1, calcium, magnesium, iodine, folic acid, and more. 

Coenzyme Q10 and Chlorella on the other hand, aids in blood regulation and help detoxify the body respectively. 

Key Takeaway

There you have it, these three healthy Valentine’s gifts are the perfect choice if you want to change up traditional Valentine’s gifts into something more practical and useful. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to end in the typical surprise of grand gestures and romantic love letters — sometimes, the best way to express your love is by giving your significant other a toothpaste travelling kit, Omega-3 supplements, or multivitamins!

Curious to check out other healthy gift ideas for your partner this Valentine’s Day? You can find the perfect gift from Unilever Life PH! Check out their products here and start shopping now!

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