4 Tips To Stay Healthy When Working From Home

What are some tips to stay healthy when working from home?

  1. Set up an ergonomic workspace
  2. Occasionally move around
  3. Take food supplements
  4. Eat healthy snacks

Remote working has its perks and disadvantages. While employees are able to access certain comforts afforded to them by a much more relaxed working environment, they may also experience stress when the lines between work and pleasure become blurred. Stress levels may also increase because of this unfamiliar working arrangement. In fact, during a survey conducted in June 2020, working from home was associated with an increase in stress for more than 50% of the participants. To keep yourself from feeling burned out, knowing the tips to stay healthy when working from home may not only help you feel at ease, but also improve your output and productivity. Read on to learn more.

Set Up An Ergonomic Workspace

With the chance to work from home, many people may feel tempted to work in their bedroom or sit in awkward positions in different parts of the house. Sure, this may seem comfortable in the beginning, but a lack of a dedicated workspace can actually make things feel worse.

This is why when setting up your home office, prioritize ergonomics. Find a space that’s comfortable and free from distractions. Choose an ideal desk height that doesn’t strain your neck and back. The same also goes for your office chair, which should have adequate back support and cushioning for added comfort. 

Occasionally Move Around

Woman working out

If you’re a workaholic, you may be used to sitting for long periods of time, staring at a computer screen. Doing this may get your job done faster, but it may not necessarily be the most comfortable. As much as possible, you don’t want to sit for too long and become stuck in just one place.

Instead, you’ll want to move around every chance you get and improve circulation for your entire body. Take 15-minute breaks of doing simple stretching or low-impact cardio exercises, if possible. When you move your body from time to time, you’re not only reducing the strain on your eyes from too much computer use — exercise is also effective at improving mood and overall mental health when done consistently. 

Take Food Supplements

Fighting pandemic fatigue can take a toll on both the mental and physical health of everyone working from home. Knowing this, you have to continually nourish yourself and build up your body’s defenses for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

If you haven’t tried it yet, try taking healthy food supplements such as the beyonde Maqui Plus+. This supplement is a fruit juice concentrate that contains 12 fruits, vitamins, and other minerals that provide your body with a range of anti-inflammatory properties. Just a single shot of this juice drink taken twice a day can help you eliminate harmful free radicals, reduce stress, and improve overall health. 

Eat Healthy Snacks

Eat Healthy Snacks

When working from home, you may find yourself occasionally snacking on chips, crackers, chocolates, or biscuits that you happen to find in your fridge or pantry. However, most of the time the snacks that you eat are just empty carbs and calories. These unhealthy treats are laden with sugar, saturated oils, fats, and high-carbs that will definitely help you pack on the pounds over time. 

On your next grocery trip, try to switch out your junk food with far healthier snacks, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Living and eating healthily doesn’t have to come at a price — there are tons of delicious recipes you can look up online to elevate your healthy snacks during a typical work from home day. 

Key Takeaway

Setting up a strain-free workplace, taking food supplements, eating healthy snacks, and taking active breaks — these are just some of the tips to stay healthy when working from home. While this sudden change in your employment arrangement may be stressful in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your healthy habits. Instead, stick to these practices you’ve learned. Do them consistently and you’ll soon you’ll be able to form your own healthy habits while working remotely.

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